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Child custody is one of the most emotional aspects of divorce or separation.  Both parents may want what’s best for the children – but they may not agree of what that is.  This can inflame tempers even when the parents are able to agree on financial issues.

Even more than in other areas of divorce, our firm believes that each child custody case should be approached individually because each family’s situation is unique.  In fact, both of our attorneys are mothers as well as court-appointed guardian ad litems with the Superior and Juvenile Courts.  A Guardian ad Litem is appointed by the Judge in cases involving a child’s best interest where those interests are often overlooked.  Our firm believes that this gives us an added sensitivity to the needs of children. When working on a Georgia child custody case, we will work closely with you, our client, to create a Parenting Plan that addresses your child’s best interest while at the same time respecting the unique needs of your family. 

As with other aspects of divorce, parents who agree on their own parenting plan report more satisfaction than those who have one imposed upon them by a judge.  Of course, coming to an agreement is also quicker and less expensive than protracted custody litigation.  Having an experienced child custody attorney from the inception of your case can assist you with achieving a satisfactory result in your custody case either through negotiating an uncontested parenting plan or through litigation.  Our skilled attorneys will provide zealous representation of you through all phases of your child custody case.

Types of Child Custody in Georgia

Child Custody in Georgia is divided into two types:  Legal Custody and Physical Custody.  Legal Custody concerns decision making and access to information such as the children’s doctors, teachers, etc.  Physical Custody involves the day to day custodial schedule of the child.

Requirements for Child Custody Cases

In all child custody cases, there are certain statutory requirements and/or county rules that must be fulfilled.  These requirements include, but are not limited to, completion and submission of a parenting plan, child support worksheets, and attendance of the Seminar for Divorcing Parents.  You can find information about Cobb County’s divorcing parents seminar here.

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